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1:21 AM on June 25, 2020 
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10:36 PM on June 21, 2020 
Popovic dismisses palace manager rumours

(Image: David Stewart)

The news of Djuric's appointment is likely to cause concerns among Djuric fans and the Croatian press.

Djuric's new team-mates might only see his arrival as the latest addition to the Croatian national side squad as his family and friends want to take him on a holiday.

But Dusan Luzic, the president of Croatia's football club, the Triglavs, said that there is "not any reason" for speculation, as Djuric is not yet ready to assume his team-leader role.

"He'll have to make the first decisions for this game," Luzic told the state news agency, HNK.

"If I do have to make the decision that someone is to take that role, I'll have to make them because if he is going to do it then we have to do so with him as our manager."

Car demolishes kitchen as it crashes into house at 4th and Denny Streets

Neighbors were watching on Monday night when they heard that a home in the 4500 block of 4th Street in North Philadelphia had come crashing down during the early evening commute from Downtown on Monday night.

The crash caused a roof to come down onto the home, which in turn smashed into a house nearby.

"It was pretty scary. The roof kind of crushed our window. There was stuff that was thrown up everywhere," said another neighbor, who gave his name as Nick.

Another neighbor said it's common for a house to come crashing down as it goes over the embankment.

Residents were able to safely get the damaged structure out of the way and into a vacant home. Police said the home is expected to be repaired and destroyed.

Witnesses said the home appeared to be on its last legs with a kitchen that was smashed as well as a decking foundation and damaged floor.

Authorities said the homeowner was not injured when the home came crashing down and will be ticketed.

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7:25 PM on June 18, 2020 
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