Francis Crossle Masonic Lodge 83

Lodge History


Francis Crossle Lodge No. 83, Newry was Constituted in Newry on Friday 25th October 1907 with 29 founder members. R.W.Bro. Francis C. Crossle, one of the founder members, was Provincial Deputy Grand Master of Down at that time and permitted the Lodge to take his honoured name as its title. He became it's first Worshipful Master in  1907 and 1908.

History of the warrant

There is no record in the register of grand lodge as to the exact date of the first issue of the warrant but grand lodge believes that it was probably december 1737/may 1738. As with many other warrants, it was erased on 5th November 1801. It was issued to 83rd Foot, County of Dublin, Later 1st Bn. Royal Ulster Rifles on 24th June 1817, in lieu of 435. The warrant was sent in on 20th April 1837, restored on 13th January 1849, and found in Grand Secretary's office on 26th May 1857. 

It was then re-issued to Parkenham Lodge, Longford on 8th June 1891 before being surrendered on 5th March 1903

It was again re-issued, but this time to Francis Crossle Lodge Newry on 7th October 1907. 


 francis crossle masonic lodge 83 newry co.down